Saturday, September 3, 2022

 Revelation 13 Beasts
Both rule at the same time, 
proving out, a particular
end time scenario

I am a big fan of the book Revelation Timeline Decoded by David Wilcoxson. I hope you’ll take some time to visit his site for a great indepth commentary on the historicist approach to the book of Revelation.

However, I’ve found a further insight that differs from his view about what’s to come in the future. David Wilcoxson says that the 2nd beast of Rev 13 with the two horns is Papal Rome, with the 2 horns being the black and white Pope, with the black pope presently reigning in secret over much of the world.

I found that hard to believe that the black pope is controlling Russia and China. Another reason is the world war 3 prophecies that have been supernaturally given, show a different end time scenario than what David W. Says.

In David W.’s end time scenario, he says the Black Pope will be secretly forming a one world government for an end time mark of the beast situation, but if the WW3 prophecies, with many confirmations in signs and wonders backing are true, the world will not be coming under a one world government in time, before the 6000th year, as shown at The plans of the global elite will be lost because time will have run out on them and by the amazing and very strong evidence both by Biblical chronology from several sources, as well as supernatural signs backing, we only have till 2028 for the 6000th year. That’s only 6 years from now, here in Sept 2022. I have doubts that they could form such a government in the after math of the quagmire of WW3. If they did form a one world government, it would be very short lived. With these thoughts in mind, I believe we are past both beasts of Revelation 13 and the mark of the beast has been historically fulfilled already. Please allow me to make my case from scripture.

In Revelation 13:12, in the underlined portion, it shows both the 1st beast with the 10 horns (the empire) and the 2nd beast with the 2 horns (the Papacy) are in power at the same time….

We know, based on the timeline given, that this first beast of Revelation 13 and the dragon of Revelation 12 have the same time frame given of their start and end, which is 1260 days/42 months. We historicists know that 1260 days = 1260years, based on Num 14:34, Ezek 4:5-6, Dan 9:24-27, a day equaling a year in prophecy. We know that happened from the Justinian decree giving the Popes civil power (and then controlling the 10 horn/powers in 538AD) to 1798 when the pope was imprisoned and killed = 1260 day/years. Nothing tells us this beast went beyond 1798, since Napoleon scorched all of Europe and the power of the beast was rendered dead. The beast went into perdition, Rev 17:8,11.

Since these timelines given, ended in 1798, these 2 beasts of Rev 13  have also ended (Napoleon scorched all of Europe ending the beast’s power), however, the Papacy continues to rule in just a spiritual capacity and sometimes influencing politics with its vast wealth and limited power, but I find it hard to believe that it could rule all nations together as a one world government, uniting Russia, China and the US. Rev 13 indicates that beastly power came to an end in 1798, with the 10 horned beast that was ruling with him.

I agree with David W. in his book, that we are near the end of Rev 16 and awaiting the fall of the western world, but David W. goes on to say it may be a world wide economic collapse leading into a one world government controlled by the Black Pope with a coming of the mark of the beast, while I say it’s going to be world war 3 and a grand quagmire after, till Jesus comes just a few years later. I agree with Rev 18's sudden destruction. A softer economic collapse doesn't fit the Rev 18 description.

Since we are past Revelation 13 and now near the end of Rev 16, in my view, this would put the mark of the beast as mainly, a past event, yet still present in that whoever is submitted to the Papacy, has its mark on their head in allegiance and in their actions, has the mark in their hand. See the overwhelming 666 signs to this at

Since the book of Revelation is chronologically in order (futurism just shows a chaotic timeline of events), and since were past Rev 13 and now in Rev 16, the mark of the beast is mainly a has been, when the beasts had power for 1260 day/ years, but ended in 1798.

It comes down to, if you believe we are getting a one world government with the Papacy ruling it in secret, or if you believe in a much more realist approach, that Russian and China have their own plans and will, according to many incredible testimonies of God given prophecy with supernatural signs backing, be instigating WW3 and the WW3 quagmire to follow it. Russia and China will certainly not be submitting to the Papacy in such a WW3 scenario. I can’t see how they could be shmoozed into a one world government with the US. The powers that be also have a depopulation agenda, so WW3 would work perfectly with their plans, killing many millions. A peaceful plan of a 1 world gov. wouldn’t do that.

If you believe what I believe, in a much more realist approach with amazing heaven given signs backing, that we have a WW3 quagmire coming, and Christ comes at the , then you know this has more backing it than David W’s scenario. By this, we also see, the mark of the beast is not a one world government global transaction ID, but was a symbolic allegiance to the Papacy. Since that beast’s power ended in 1798, so did the mark of the beast partially, accept those in allegiance to the church of Rome today.

The vast majority of Christendom are making up a mark of the beast scenario without even properly identifying the beast and its image who enforces it, so they cant possibly get it right until they first identify the entity who enforces it. As we’ve overwhelmingly proven, the beast is a has been and so would the mark he enforces as well. Rev 13:12 indicates this is so, from the 1260 day years it HAD power, but lost that power in 1798. 

I don’t want to take anything from David and his work. It’s an excellent work and he is a great and faithful witness in these last days and he has almost everything right in my opinion, accept the end time scenario.

The more realistic geopolitical situation backs my view much more, than a 1 world government with the Papacy as it’s head or controller, even with a black pope behind the scene who manipulates, but clearly, its a stretch to think the Jesuits of the Black Pope controls China and Russia.

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